Hi there.  I’m Brian.  i’m a 33 34 year old guy who lives in Northern Virginia by way of Akron, Ohio.   I do IT consulting for a living which keeps me indoors quite a bit.  So in my spare time,  I’m always trying to get outside and do fun, exciting and sometimes challenging stuff.   I like (most of the time) running, biking, going hiking, backpacking, camping, and I’m an aspiring climber/mountaineer.   I also occasionally compete (in the loosest sense of the word) in races including running races and triathlons.  I’m also an unapologetic gear junkie who loves getting shiny new toys.

So since I’m doing all this stuff I thought maybe I’d take the time to write and share some of it with you.   So I’ll be writing about the stuff I see, buy, do and eat.   I’ll talk about the people I meet and the adventures we share.  It may not always be wild and exciting, but sometimes it might be.

Some please come back and read some more.  Adventure awaits us!

Happy trails!