This time tomorrow Dave and I will be on a plane headed for Jackson, WY.  All the preparations have been made; the permit is secured, the lodging is booked, the rental car is waiting.  Now all that remains is a little bit of laundry and packing of the bags.

This is what lies ahead of us in the next few days:

Tomorrow morning we’ll take off out of Dulles and fly to Denver where we’ll get a connecting flight to Jackson.  We’ll pick up our rental car at the airport, grab a quick lunch and drive out to the Ranger station at Jenny Lake to pick up our permit.  Then, we’ll check in at the climbing lodge and drive back to Jackson to pick up some fuel for our Jetboils, grab some last minute supplies and check out the town.

We’ll grab dinner in town and wait around till about 9 when our friend Matt will be flying in from California to meet us.  Once we have him we’ll drive back to the lodge, unload our sleeping bags and crash out.

Wednesday morning (July 4th!) we’ll wake up, make a quick breakfast while sorting out our gear and drive out to the trailhead to start the hike up Teton.   The first day will be about 5 miles of uphill hiking, gaining around 3000ft of elevation.   Luckily we have all day to do this so we can take our time and not get worn out trying to rush up.  We’ll camp the first night at the Meadows campsite, or if we feel strong, we can continue up another couple of miles and setup camp at the Lower Saddle, just below the summit. Either way, we’ll eat our freeze dried dinners and crash out in our tents.

On Thursday, depending on how high we’ve hiked the day before and how the weather looks, we’ll either keep hiking up to the Lower Saddle or we’ll wake up super early and make our summit climb.  We may push this to Friday, but regardless it’ll involve another couple miles of hiking, another 1500ft of elevation gain and then the technical climb.

On the day we start out for the summit, whether it’s Thursday or Friday, it’ll be an early morning.  3-4am is our wake up time which will put us near the start of the technical climbing portion right around sunrise.

We’ll rope up at the base of the Owens-Spaudling route and begin our 1500 vertical feet of climbing.  If all goes well, we’ll summit by 10am, hang out for 30 minutes or so and rappel and hike down to the Lower Saddle by noon.   A quick lunch followed by breaking down of camp and we’ll hopefully be back to the car by 5pm.

For those of you counting, that’s 14 solid hours of hiking and climbing in one day.  We’ll really enjoy those cold beers and pizza that night!

Finally, on Saturday, we’ll wake up, enjoy a nice leisurely breakfast and do a hanging around downtown Jackson until it’s time to head to the airport for the flights home.

I’ll try and upload some pictures from my iPhone using the wordpress app as we go.  I have no idea what the cell phone service is going to be like up there but I’m not counting on it.  Though I’ll have a satellite phone on me, the $4 per minute usage charges will likely keep it in my bag unless there’s an absolutely emergency.

That’s it.  Hope to have lots of good stores, photos and video to share when I come back.  Till then, happy trails!