We can’t all choose how we’re going to go.  In fact, most of us will not.   Statistically speaking most of us will succumb to one form of cancer or heart disease, hopefully when we’re older, likely in a hospital or hospice.  It’s sad, but it’s a part of life that we all must face sooner or later.

But, the lucky few will pass from this world in a manner in which they would consider fitting or maybe even poetic.   And while death is never something to be cherished, the life and legacy that remain should be.

My friend Dave’s brother-in-law, Ted Smith passed away on New Years Eve.  A local surf legend in his home of La Jolla, Calf, he died doing what he loved and what he was best known for; surfing.

Last weekend, the local surf community came out for a “ride out”.  One last surf to pay tribute to their dearly departed friend:

May we all be so lucky.   Rest in peace Ted.



Happy trails.