And he brought me climbing gear!  Since I’ve been getting more and more into outdoor climbing, I figured it would probably be good to start building my own collection of climbing gear.

Last month, I bought a 60m dynamic rope from REI and over the last few weeks I’ve been finding sales on small pieces parts like slings, some nuts, nylon webbing, carabiners and accessory cord.  Basically all the cheap stuff.

The of the expensive stuff remained.  So I asked the wife and the rest of my family to please consider the gift of climbing gear this Christmas.  I put together a list of the stuff I really wanted on REI’s website and my wife gave them the link. I couldn’t wait for Christmas morning!

Well, Christmas came around and I set to opening my first gift, from my sister-in-law and her boyfriend.  A Pezel GriGri!!!  Score!

I went through a few packages of hiking socks and shirts till I got to the next big present from my in-laws which was….  another Pezel GriGri!   Everyone had a bit of a laugh and I went to opening the rest of my gifts.

A few more shirts, a book and and a Pezel pulley!   And….  ANOTHER GriGRi!!!  This one from my loving wife.   You can’t make this kind of stuff up!!

So after all the chuckling had subsided I got the receipts of two of them (I kept the one from my wife, naturally) and decided to head up to REI the day after Christmas to return them and pick up some other climbing gear.

With the credit I got, I was able to pick up 2 Black Diamond Camalots, some more nuts and some nylon webbing (in addition to a new Arcteryx running shirt).  So between all that stuff, and the sweet #3 cam my buddy Dave got for me, I’m starting to get a pretty decent looking rack going:

Now, hopefully we’ll get some nice weather in the next few weeks so I can actually get out and use some of it!

Happy trails!