Oh man, this time tomorrow I’ll be in Maryland feasting on a giant turkey leg, shoveling down stuffing and mashed potatoes and fattening myself up on pumpkin pie.  Then, the following day we’ll be setting off for Ohio to spend the weekend eating and drinking with friends and family up there. It’s going to be a good, albeit calorie heavy, thanksgiving weekend.

As is tradition, we take this time to reflect on the things we’re thankful in our lives. So in between dreams of leftover turkey sandwiches and Great Lakes Christmas Ale, I’ve taken a few moments to think about all the things that I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving.  And the more I thought, the more I realized I have a tremendous amount to be thankful for, both big and small….


50 things I’m thankful for:

  1. Good friends who have such varied interests
  2. Being healthy
  3. My father calling me after every Browns game
  4. Comfy pillows
  5. Cheap beers
  6. My dog and his endlessly wagging tail
  7. Zombie wedding cakes!
  8. Mountain tops
  9. Adventure partners
  10. Football
  11. Being gainfully self-employed
  12. Weeknights on the couch watching TV with the wife
  13. Nalgene bottles
  14. Pho noodle soup
  15. Saturday afternoon naps
  16. New gadgets
  17. Leather goods
  18. Having a hammock in my back yard
  19. Cookouts
  20. Being old enough to know better (most of the time)
  21. Being young enough to try something foolish (sometimes)
  22. Strong black coffee
  23. Bacon…. glorious, glorious bacon
  24. iPhone (seriously how’d I live without this thing!?)
  25. Finding new music that I love
  26. Bourbon and BBQ nights at Rocklands
  27. B movies
  28. Calling in well
  29. 3 day weekends
  30. Goat cheese
  31. Having several people I can call my best friend(s)
  32. LED head lamps
  33. Weekend long runs
  34. Warm summer mornings
  35. Digital cameras
  36. Getting to visit and explore new places
  37. Good cigars
  38. Finding money in a jacket I haven’t worn in months
  39. Writing a good blog post (it happens from time to time)
  40. Going to REI
  41. Climbing a new route
  42. Bourbon
  43. Giving something to someone
  44. Being able to get to the Shenandoah National Park in about an hour
  45. Really good pizza
  46. Having a wonderful family (which got much bigger this year!)
  47. Down jackets
  48. Being tall
  49. Post it notes (they keep me from losing track of everything!)


and lastly, I’m grateful that I was able to find the girl of my dreams and marry her.


Happy trails!