It’s been a crazy few months.  Between getting married, the honeymoon, tough mudder, marine corps marathon and the seneca rocks trip, I feel like i haven’t had a chance to catch my breath.   I promised my wife after the last trip that I was going to take it easy for a while.   And frankly, I’m looking forward to spending more time at home with her and the dog.   Not that I won’t be keeping busy, just not quite as busy as before.
One of the things I’m doing now is planning for next year’s adventures.   I’ve got a few months during the upcoming holidays to put together a game plan for what I want to do in 2012, and would you know I’ve already come up with some ideas…..


1. Mt. Washington Winter Hike – I’ve been wanting to do this since last year. We had the plane tickets, the gear and the will, but a bout of bad weather cancelled the flight and ruined our hopes of making it out there last winter.   Next year, I’m hoping to take another stab at the home of the “World’s Worst Weather”.

2. Appalachian Trail Hike – No, not the whole thing.  I would like to do a multi-day hike of the of 101 miles of Appalachian trail that winds through the Shenandoah National Park.  It would be a great chance to see a good part of the park and a pretty decent physical challenge as well.    I feel like I could get at least one or two of my crazy friends  to come out and join me.

3. New backpacking trip – I’ve been out in the Shenandoah more times than I can count.  Last year we went out to Dolly Sods Wilderness for a change of scenery and it was amazing.  I’d like to take another trip to a different area to see other backcountry trails on the easy coast.  Maybe North Carolina or Tennessee?

4. Kayaking – I really wanted to try out kayaking this summer, but I just ran out of free weekends.  So it looks like this will get pushed out till next summer.  Luckily there should be a lot more free weekends to experience the abundance of kayaking opportunities in the DC area.

5. Grand Teton – Climbing Seneca Rocks was the most epic outdoor adventure I’ve done.  I really loved climbing routes outdoors and summiting an actual mountain.  Now I want to go bigger.  I’ve never climbed anything out west and, after doing some research, I think I’m going to make Grand Teton in Wyoming my next climbing challenge.  Grand Teton’s 13,775ft summit is a considered a classic American mountaineering destination and is featured in the historic climbing text Fifty Classic Climbs of North America.


And who knows what else might pop up next year?    I found all kinds of fun, impromptu adventures last year that we didn’t really plan too far ahead of time.   So who knows, maybe the best adventure is one that I’m not even planning yet….


What about you?  What are your big adventure plans for 2012?


Till next time, happy trails!