Before our  little climbing adventure weekend out to seneca rocks last week, I went out and purchased a GoPro Hero HD camera from REI.  This little video camera, which includes shock and waterproof cases and a helmet mount, is an inexpensive way to get pretty high quality video.   The idea was to shoot video of us climbing using the GoPro, and shoot other video around the camp site and what not with our Canon Rebel t2i.    I’d then get home, copy all the videos to my Macbook and edit it all into a sweet video using Final Cut Pro.

Problems?  Well for one I’ve never really shot videos before, so I really had no idea what kind of shot selections I needed to look for.  I also ran out of both memory cards and batteries before the weekend was over, so I missed out on a lot of really cool shots that should have made it into the video.

Oh yeah, I also never used Final Cut Pro before.  I think it’s funny that I just assumed I could come home and instantly know how to use a professional grade piece of software.

But, despite all this, I still managed to slap together this little video.  Let me know what you think and hopefully the next one will be better:

Seneca Rawks! from Outside Brian on Vimeo.

Happy trails!