One of the things I love about DC, is the diverse spaces which you can run around in.   You can zone out and burn up miles on the C&O canal towpath, enjoy the crowds and views of the monuments on the National Mall and tidal basin or you can cruise around the quiet residential streets of northwest DC.  But did you know you can find places like this:

Yes, this is in the District of Columbia, Rock Creek Park to be exact.  This particular trail runs from Beach drive to Military Road, but there are numerous other trails you can discover.    Just start running on the Rock Creek Trail and you’ll be sure to find all kinds of hidden trails and paths to try out.
Never run down at Rock Creek Park before?  Here’s a great link from DC Front Runners with all sorts of good info for first timers:

And another good writeup from Runner’s World:,8029,s6-238-511-0-13375-0,00.html
Happy trails!