This guy, Alex Honnold, literally must be the most fearless human being alive.   You want to know why?  Just watch…

Oh yeah, after watching this video, I noticed my palms were actually sweating.   That’s how terrifying the entire concept of free climbing is to me.  I guess it’s a good thing to have a good, healthy fear of height when you’re climbing, right?

As for Alex, well I’ve noticed that a lot of people on the Internet are trying to judge him saying he’s reckless, or advise him to start climbing with ropes.  To all those people I say this;  People like Alex Honnold are rare.  To have that unique combination of a gift for climbing and a complete lack of fear of the void below him, is truly special.    Guys like Alex, through no intention of their own, inspire, strike awe and thrill mere mortals like myself.

Alex was born to do what he’s doing. Though I’ve never met him, I gather that it’s what makes him complete, so who am I or anyone else to pass judgement on that?

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