A few weeks ago me and the fiance decided to take a trip down to Key West, FL to celebrate her best friend’s birthday and enjoy a little sun and relaxation.

Key West, the southernmost town in the continental US is a funky little hideaway at the end of US Highway 1 known mostly for its eccentric population and even more eccentric (and sometimes crazy) nightlife.

The town was the subject of Jimmy Buffet’s iconic song, Margaritaville, who spoke of enjoying an alcohol induced haze in the middle of the day, while watching tourists mill about the town.    You can almost smell the sunscreen as Jimmy talks about firing up a blender full of tequila powered frozen delight.

After hearing the song about a million times like I’m sure everyone else has, I decided I didn’t want to just imagine what that song was about, I wanted to experience it myself.

So I made one of the items on my bucket list was to drink a margarita in Key West.  I want to sit an open air bar, sip on a frozen drink and relax as the afternoon sun slipped away.

So agreeing to go  seemed like a complete no-brainer.  But then I thought about knocking another item off the list as the same time: drive a convertible down along the ocean.  Two bucket list items, one weekend.

So instead of flying to Key West, we fly into Miami, picked up a 2011 Mustang convertible and set off on the 3 hour drive to Key West.

And everything pretty much went exactly as I expected it.  We had a great drive down US1 (though we did get a little sunburned).  The views as you drive through the keys and see the crystal clear water of the Atlantic on your left, and the pale blue of the Gulf of Mexico on your right, is breathtaking.

Key West was every bit eccentric and eclectic as I expected it to be.  From the little house we all rented together, to the six-toed cats that inhabit guard Earnest Hemmingway’s estate, it’s every bit as weird and wonderful as I had hoped.

The weather was warm, the water was cool and the drinks were…  well let’s just say I didn’t just stop at one margarita..

Fresh out of the airport on on our way to Key West

Hours later, hat and sunscreen equipped we drive past miles and miles of perfect blue

The Seven Mile Bridge.

Our home away from home in Key West.

Complete with PBR and our own little pool..

Wasting away again...

On a boat. Getting ready to snorkel above a submerged island and lighthouse.

Ready for a night on the town!

The guy who rode this bike made little palm bowls and hats for people for money. I asked him if I could take a picture of his bike. I had to pay him a dollar.

Cats are a pretty big deal in Key West. I asked this woman if I could take her picture as she carried her little friend over her shoulder.

Also big in Key West? Chickens. These two guys were nice enough to pose for me.

So many of the homes in Key West have beautiful and unique artwork in the front of them. I especially liked this one.

This guy was giving tours at Earnest Hemmingways old estate. If we could have stayed longer, I would have like to have offered to buy this guy a few beers. He looks like he has some stories to tell...

The end of the line. The last mile of highway in the US stops here. Yes, those are beers were drinking. 🙂