Last night at Rocklands, while enjoying a few bourbons, beers and BBQs (the three B’s of life), my buddy Dave told me he was going to run the Marine Corps Marathon this october.  He asked if I had signed up already.  I had thought about running it last year but for one reason or another I never got around to signing up.  He was all like “Dude, some come on, you should run this with me.  Registration is almost full”

Though I’ve done an ultra before, I’ve never ran a road marathon before.  The idea of pounding pavement for 26.2 miles isn’t exactly something I really look forward to, but I would like to do at least one (just to say I did it).  I mean, I have to run this one right?   This is my adoptive home town’s marathon.  No offense to the national marathon (which I’m running the half in a few weeks), but when you think of a marathon in DC, it’s the MCM.

And since he told me registration was almost full, well hell, now there’s a sense of urgency.  So I decided that if registration was still open this morning I would sign up.  As it turns out, it was, and this morning I did indeed sign up.  This may be the only marathon I’ll ever run, and if it is I think I made a good choice.  Maybe peer pressure isn’t so bad after all.