I keep running stuff stashed at each office just in case I want to squeeze in a surprise run after work (I work out of the 3-4 different clients every week).  Naturally, I could just log around running clothes in my bag, but sometimes I forget to pack them or they get stinky and my laptop ends up smelling like a locker room.  So I keep a pair of shorts, socks, maybe an older pair of running shoes and a few technical shirts in a drawer at ever client.

On nights like last, it really pays off.

I got outside of my office near Dupont Circle and it was still about 67 degrees. The sun was just started to dip below the buildings to the west as I took off down Mass Ave towards Embassy Row.   Embassy Row is the informal name for the group of embassies that lie along Massachusetts Avenue, N.W., and its cross streets between Thomas Circle and Ward Circle, although the vast majority of embassies are found between Scott Circle and Wisconsin Avenue.

Though I’ve driven down Mass Ave many times, I’ve never taken the time to run it.  If you enjoy seeing sites while you run, it’s a real treat. Not only do you get to see the embassies of numerous countries, you also get great views of the Naval Observatory and Rock Creek Park.  And if you can make it all the way up the hill on Mass Ave (which is over a mile long), you’re greeted with spectacular views of the National Cathedral, which just so happened to be the turn-around-point.

So if you happen to be Dupont and want to get a great 5 miler with some pretty impressive sights, I highly recommend this one.   There’s so much to look at, you might forget that you’re working out.

Run Report
Level: Moderate
Distance: 5.5 miles
Type: Out and back
Start/End: Dupont Circle, Washington DC
Turn Around Point: Wisconsin Ave.
Elevation Change: Moderate (big, gradual hill in the middle of the run)