I do not have good facial hair.   I don’t know what gene I missed out on, but at 33 years old and counting, I have never been able to grow a really epic beard.   I would try it here and again, growing it, trimming it, shaping it, begging it to grow more.  Sadly though, all attempts have ending in  a very scraggly and patchy looking mess that lands somewhere between pre-pubescent teen and Steve Buschemi.

Since I’m going to be doing a big mountain climb next week, I wanted to give it one more college try.  I mean, if I’m going to stand on top of a mountain, and one with the “world’s worst weather” at that, I want a beard.  No…  I NEED a beard.

So about 5 weeks ago I stopped shaving completely.  No trimming or shaping, just pure wild growth, for better or for worse. And I have to say, it’s coming in a lot better than it has in the past.  And by better I mean I don’t completely look like a 14 year old who lost his razor:

So the real question is, should I shave it or keep it when I get back down from the mountain.  I’ll let my readers decide.  Leave your comments and let me know what you think!