I don’t like things I’m immediately good at.   Maybe because there’s so much room to improve when you suck.   Maybe it’s because the bar is set so low that any little improvement is a major victory.  Whatever the case, I don’t mind sucking at something at first.
And I suck at rock climbing.  Suck at it!


But that’s okay, because I thoroughly enjoy doing it, suckiness and all.    I went last night to Sportrock to take my belay test and hopefully do a little climbing with my buddy Dave.  I can happily say I passed the test with flying colors and, though Dave wasn’t there yet, I was ready to climb.

I ended up meeting another guy who was looking for someone to climb with.  I told him I was brand new to climbing and that I just passed my belay test not more than a few minutes ago.  He replied “As long as you passed the test, that’s good enough with me”.

And we were off.  Turns out he was a really cool dude who kept giving me pointers and encouragement as I fumbled up some of the easier climbs in the gym.  By the time Dave showed up, I had already a 5.7 route and almost made it up a 5.8+ (for you non-climbers out there, both of those are fairly easy climbs).
The rest of the night was not so successful climbing-wise.  My hands cramped up, my arms got tired and my foot ached.  I only ended up making it up to the top of one more wall.

But none of that really mattered.  I ended up meeting some cool people, I pushed myself further than I have before and I got a good workout to boot.   At the end of the night when I was leaving I didn’t even realize I had been there for 3 hours.   When’s the last that’s happened during a workout, huh?


So I suck at climbing.  But next time I’m confident I will be better.  And after that I’ll keep chipping away and getting better yet.  But even if I don’t, it doesn’t really matter.  Because climbing and sucking at it is still better than not climbing at all.