You ever had one of those weeks that felt it would never end?  That was this week for me.  Nothing particularly bad or tragic happened, everything just kind of seemed to happen in slow motion.  I would get home on a Tuesday night and swear it was Thursday for some reason.  The only way I knew it wasn’t was because 30 Rock wasn’t on (my favorite show).

Maybe it’s because nothing of note happened during the week or maybe it was because I really looking forward to the weekend.  Who knows? But, no matter, we stand at the precipice of the weekend and what a weekend it will be:



Early in the morning I’ll be doing a nice training hike in the Shenandoah with Ben and Dave (aka, the Mt Washington Summit team) on the Beecher Ridge Trail. Dave picked this 11.5 mile trail for us because it’s one of the most challenging and steepest in the park and should give us a nice workout.

Afterward, the fiancee and I are going to go look at a new puppy!  Ok, so he’s not really a puppy, being that he’s 2 years old, but close enough.  He’s a 95lb chocolate lab named Dozer, and I think he could be a great addition to our canine depraved home:

What a sweetie.. wait, is that "Money Talks" with Charlie Sheen playing in the background?




Doing a run in the morning with some of friends who are also doing the National Half Marathon in March.   The weather is supposed to be warm again so this should be another great day to get out there and gobble up some miles just like last Sunday, only with friends this time.

Then, I managed to talk the fiancee into going to Sportrock in Alexandria with me to take a basic rock climbing class (it actually didn’t take that much convincing, heh).  I got the chance to stop by this place earlier in the week and I was pretty impressed.  I’m really excited to start learning more about this sport.

Wait, how high is that wall again?


Oh yeah, did I mention I’m also trying to finish drywalling my new pantry in the basement?  Phew! This is going to be a busy weekend, but it’s the kind of busy you really look forward.  The kind of weekend where you’re sitting in bed on Sunday night content with the amount of stuff you were we able to squeeze into 48 or so hours.


Hope your weekend is a great one.  Don’t forget to enjoy the weather and get outside!