I love getting packages in the mail.   Maybe it’s because my grandmother, who lived thousands of miles away, would send me presents via the mail, because I get as excited as a little kid on Christmas when I see package at the door with my name on it.  But really, that’s only one of the reasons why I do so much Internet shopping.

Now, as a rule, I like to support to local guy with a small shop.  I will even pay a little extra for the stuff he sells because I value his advice and knowledge.   There’s a small outdoor outfitter in Arlington that I’ll talk about in another post that purposely shop at because they do such a great job supporting the local outdoors community, and they actually are pretty competitive when it comes to their gear.

But sometimes, an “etailer” makes online shopping so compelling, it’s hard to not shop with them.  Enter Running Warehouse. A friend of mine introduced me to this website a few years ago and I haven’t bought from another running store since.   Why?  Let’s break it down:

  • They sell all the brands of shoes and clothes I like to wear (New Balance, Saucony, Brooks, Montrail)
  • All the stuff they sell is usually 15-30% lower than what you’ll find at a running store
  • They have free 2 day shipping…
  • ..and free 2 day returns!

Yes, that’s right, they include a return shipping label with every package so you can return any shoes/clothes you want, free of charge.   And to top all that off, sometimes they toss in free goodies like shopping bags, hats and t-shirts.  Score!

Now, I’m not telling you to boycott your local running store.  I think they still offer invaluable services like insuring you buy shoes that fit you and your running style properly.  In addition, (good) local running stores promote local races, hold running clinics,  sponsor charity events and in generally support the local running community.   So while it’s great to get a good deal, it’s also important to have a good local running store you can turn to whether you’re a new runner buying your first pair of real running shoes, or seasoned marathoner looking for an upgrade to your footwear.
But, if you’re buying the same brand and style of shoe, or you’re a bargain hunter, you probably won’t find better than Running Warehouse.    Plus, you get the joy of having a big ole fancy box waiting for you at home with your name on it!


For Brian? Oh, I shouldn't have!

What could possibly be inside?


Ah yes, my favorite trail running shoe, the Montrail Masochist