There is something about February that I generally despise.  Unlike most guys, for me it’s not Valentine’s Day or the end of football for the year.  It’s the stupid weather.   Here in DC, February is a miserable month.  One day it’s sleeting, the next day it’s raining, then it’s sunny but 20 degrees outside.    Rarely do we ever string together 2-3 days of nice weather in this lousy month.  So when it happens, you feel compelled to get out there and take full advantage of it.

So yesterday, after I woke up and had my requisite Sunday morning coffee, I stepped outside to get the paper and noticed how completely “un-cold” it was out there.  At 9am no less.  The sun was beaming down and last remnants of the big snowstorm were melting away in our yard.   I knew I needed it get out there and soak some of those rays up.

So after I finished some work in my office and did some cleaning around the house, I drove out to a favorite running spot of mine on the nearby WO&D trail.

Now, I should clarify something there; Even though I’m “training” for a half marathon in March, I don’t like to adhere to a rigid training schedule.  I try to get out and run 4-5 days a week, including a “long run” on the weekend.   As I get closer to the race, I usually have a number of miles in the back of my head I should be running every week as well as how long my “long run” should be.  But mostly, I just get out and run.  I usually run at a pace that feels good and I keep running until I’m tired.

See, I run because it makes me feel good.  I run races because I enjoy the energy of the events and the cool shirts.  If I happen to run a certain distance faster than I did the last time, all the better.  But I’m there mostly because I just enjoy running.   And yesterday was a prime example of my kind of “training” run.

I got out on the trail with the sun shining warmly everywhere, my ipod full of new music and podcasts, my water bottle on my hip full of water and a Gu packet in my pocket.  I ran for about an hour out and when I felt my legs starting to tire a bit, I turned around and ran back.  As is typical, I try to push myself a little bit harder on the way back (mostly because I just want get to truck where I can sit down!).

When I finally got back about 1 hour 55 minutes later I looked down at my GPS.   11.25 miles.  Not too bad for a relatively easy paced run.  I jumped back in my truck and drove home to get ready for the super bowl party later that night.
And today as I look out of the window my office I see that the sun is once again shining bright away and the temps will break the 50 degree mark.  Good thing I packed my running shoes!