When we first brought you home last year you were abandoned by your previous owners. You were underweight, skittish and afraid

But we gave you a lot of praise, lots of good treats and a lot of love.

You were still a little weird though. And in addition to occasionally barking at your water dish and eating compost, you also found a lot of unusual places to sleep

But eventually we just accepted who were, and you accepted us too. You gained weight, got less nervous and actually started sleeping in those expensive beds we bought you. We were so excited for all the adventures we’d have together.

Then we took you to the vet for your checkup. And they gave us news we weren’t expecting. You had cancer and you weren’t going to get better.

So we tried to make the time you had left the best it could be. We took you for extra walks, fed you your favorite treats and we even let you sleep in the bed with us once in a while. I thought foolishly that maybe you could tough it out for a few more months and see spring again.

But when you fell down and couldn’t get back up again, I got sick because I knew it was time. I carried you to your bed and told you I was going to make the hurt go away. Last saturday the vet came to the house and made you go to sleep we made sure we sat next to you and rubbed your head. Even though sitting there and watching you slip away was the hardest thing we have ever had to do, you deserved nothing less.

I wish we could have had more time together. We had so much fun adventures planned. I hope that wherever you are there’s lots of cookies and squirrels to chase. I also hope you know how very grateful we are for all happiness you brought into our home.

Rest in peace little doggie.