So this is the first post eh?  I feel like I should say something really interesting or groundbreaking here.  Oh well, as usual, I got nothing.  OK, well I’ll try anyways.

Who am I?  Well I’m a thirty something duder living here in the suburbia of Northern Virginia.   I love getting outside and doing stuff like camping, hiking, running, etc and so I thought I would write about it a bit.

I’ll share some of my adventures with you, talk about new gear I’m purchasing, websites I stumble upon along with reviews of local hiking, camping and even places to shop.

The biggest adventure on the horizon is a winter climb of Mt Washington me and some friends are planning for February.  Mt Washington, a 6200ft peak in New Hampshire, is famous (or infamous?) for having the world’s worst weather.  The weather station atop the mountain has recorded windspeeds in excess of over 250mph(!).

Mt Washington looming over the New Hampshire landscape

No, I didn’t lose a bet, I actually want to do this.

It looks like a really exciting adventure and it will be a great way to train for further alpine climbing that is hopefully yet to come.    I’ll be talking more later about my gear selection, the itinerary of the trip itself and more about what my inspiration is to climb this thing in the dead of winter.

Anyways, I’d love to write more, but I have to save something for tomorrow right?